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2020 Bible Reading

Read through the Bible with your church family. If you would like regular encouragement emails, sign-up HERE.

Have questions? Simply submit them in the form to the left or to a staff member. Answers will be discussed in a monthly Bible book club led by the staff.

Want email encouragement?

Regular email encouragement will be sent out by our staff, if you wish to receive the emails, sign-up HERE.

Each month we will dig deeper into the genre in our Bible Book Club. Submit your questions HERE or to a staff member. 

Answers will be discussed during that genre. 

Genre Bible Reading for 2020

Here's the breakdown of each month books to read with prospect dates to read what when, feel free to modify to fit your reading schedule.

  • January: The Gospels

    • Matthew (Jan. 1-11)
    • Mark (Jan. 12-17)
    • Luke (Jan. 18-22)
    • John (Jan. 23-25)
    Bible Book Club: January 26
  • February: The Pentateuch

    • Genesis (Jan. 26-30)
    • Exodus (Jan. 31-Feb. 3)
    • Leviticus (Feb. 4-7)
    • Numbers (Feb. 8-11)
    • Deuteronomy (Feb. 12-15)
    Bible Book Club: February 16
  • March: The Book of Acts & Paul's Epistles

    • Acts (Feb. 16-24)
    • Romans (Feb. 25-March 6)
    • 1 & 2 Corinthians (March 7-13)
    • Galatians (March 14-15)
    • Ephesians (March 16-17)
    • Philippians (March 18-19)
    • Colossians (March 20-22)
    • 1 & 2 Thessalonians (March 23-24)
    • 1 & 2 Timothy (March 25-26)
    • Titus (March 27)
    • Philemon (March 28)
    Bible Book Club: March 29
  • April: The Psalms

    • The Psalms (March 29-April 25)
    Bible Book Club: April 26-An Evening with The Psalms, 6pm
  • May: Poetry & Wisdom Books

    • Job (April 26-May 13)
    • Proverbs (May 14-23)
    • Ecclesiastes (May 24-27)
    • Song of Solomon (May 28-31)
    Bible Book Club: May 31
  • June & JUly

    No Club

    Catch up with reading and/or read ahead.

  • August: Major Prophets

    • Isaiah (August 1-8)
    • Jeremiah (August 9-15)
    • Lamentations (August 16-22)
    • Ezekiel (August 23-29)
    Bible Book Club: August 30
  • September: General Epistles

    • Hebrews (August 30-Sept. 11)
    • James (Sept. 11-16)
    • 1 & 2 Peter (Sept. 17-21)
    • 1-3 John (Sept. 22-25)
    • Jude (Sept. 26)
    Bible Book Club: September 27
  • OCtober: Minor Prophets

    • Daniel (Sept. 27-30)
    • Hosea (Oct. 1-3)
    • Joel (Oct. 4-5)
    • Amos (Oct. 6-7)
    • Obadiah (Oct. 8)
    • Jonah (Oct. 9)
    • Micah (Oct. 10-11)
    • Nahum (Oct. 12)
    • Habakkuk (Oct. 13)
    • Zephaniah (Oct. 14)
    • Haggai (Oct. 15)
    • Zechariah (Oct. 16)
    • Malachi (Oct. 17)
    Bible Book Club: October 18
  • November: Historical books of the old testament

    • Joshua (Oct. 18-21)
    • Judges (Oct. 22-25)
    • Ruth (Oct. 26)
    • 1 & 2 Samuel (Oct. 27-30)
    • 1 & 2 Kings (Oct. 13-Nov. 4)
    • 1 & 2 Chronicles (Nov. 5-9)
    • Ezra (Nov. 10-11)
    • Nehemiah (Nov. 12-13)
    • Esther (Nov. 14
    Bible Book Club: November 15
  • December: The Revelation

    • The Revelation: Nov. 15-Dec. 5

Bible Book Club Meeting Dates

(meets in the fireside lobby)

January 26, 6pm – The Gospels

February 16, 6pm – The Pentateuch

March 29, 6pm – The Book of Acts & Paul’s Epistles

April 19, 6pm – An Evening with The Psalms

May 31, 6pm – Poetry & Wisdom Books

No meeting in June & July

August 30, 6pm – The Major Prophets

September 27, 6pm – The General Epistles

October 18, 6pm – The Not-So-Minor Prophets

November 15, 6pm – The Historical Books of the OT

December 6, 6pm – The Revelation


January 7, 2020 Bible Reading Encouragement

Hello fellow 2020 Bible Readers,

Here we are, starting the year by reading through the Bible together.  I hope this finds you having started in the Gospels, with Matthew (then Mark, Luke, and John).


I want to introduce you to a web page that will be very useful to you in your Bible reading adventure:  Bible 2020.


You’ll find complete information on the monthly Bible reading selections, dates for Bible Book Clubs, and a breakdown of each genre, that is, the Biblical literature classification to which each book of the Bible belongs.  Since a daily reading plan does not exist for the method we’re utilizing, I have offered some helpful date ranges for reading each book of the Bible.  You might find it useful to keep you on pace.


The best feature of Reading the Bible in 2020 is that you’ll be able to ask your church’s staff questions from the reading.  Simply email your query to the office or any staff member, submit it on any of the church’s media outlets, or pass along a note to the staff.  You can also submit your questions in the Comments box at the Bible 2020 link.


As questions are submitted, the staff will review them and provide answers at each month’s Bible Book Club (which the church staff will host!).  We encourage you to lead every member of your family to ask questions, too, as you read together.  I will be compiling all Q&A’s and discussion notes and posting them at Bible 2020 each month.


So…We’re off and running!  Select a Bible, nestle into your favorite reading chair, and enjoy the journey.  Jot down your questions as you read and keep in touch.


And check Bible 2020 regularly.  It’s going to be a fun year!



Stand firm in the Word,

Don Hamlin