Sunday School

Christian Education is an important part of family life. We take that seriously here. So we encourage you to make the connection with a small group in Sunday School. There are multiple choices for adults and, of course, class or age specific groups for children and teenagers.

Our Bible study groups meet for Sunday School at 9:30 AM. If you are a visitor, please visit our Welcome Center for assistance in locating a Bible study group just for you. Here’s what we have to offer: 

Assimilation Class

Route 66

Based on Galatians 6:6, assimilates people to Sunday School

Don Hamlin, Christian Activity Center  


Nursery, room 119, Judy Canning & Pat Maher

1 year olds, room 122, Erin Booth & Patty Booth

2 year olds, room 124, Sarena Wilson

Preschool, room 125, Lori Swetnam

Pre-Kindergarten, room 119, Darla Moberly & Kathy Lee


Kindergarten, room 223, Jennifer Kidd

1st Grade, room 224, Rob & Lisa Bowman

2nd Grade, room 216, Nita Hill

3rd Grade, room 217, Abby Thomas

4th Grade, room 218, Doug & Karen Stephens

5th Grade, room 221, James & Janelle Wynn


  6th Grade, room 204, Bob & Kathleen Mallett

  7th Grade, room 205, Stephen & Danielle Knoches

  8th Grade, room 206, Bob Hunt

  9th Grade, room 207, Shelly Frazier

10th Grade, room 209, Todd Swetnam        

11th Grade, room 210, David & Amy Whitener

12th Grade, room 210, David & Amy Whitener


18-21 year old singles – COMPASS (collegiates & singles)

David & Jessica Stephenson, room 201

20’s – The JOURNEY (18-25 year old singles & couples)

Steve & Connie Seuell,  room 302

20’s-30’s – FAMILY I (families with young children)

John & Patricia Kern room 301

30’s-40’s – FAMILY II (families with school-age children)

Steve & Melanie Basty,  room 211

30’s-40’s – Committed Couples

David Cooper,  room B13

40’s – MASH (Middle Age Seeking Him)

Pete & Bonnie Rivard room 304

40’s & beyond – TRUTH CHASERS

T.J. & Shelly Berry,  room 202

50’s-60’s – OVERCOMERS

Robert Simpson & Bill Maher,  room B14

50’s & beyond – LIFEBUILDERS

Bob Kleinschmidt, room B10

60’s & beyond – SONSHINE (senior singles and couples)

Marsha Farmer,  room 104


Carolee Cargile,  room B15

SOLO MOMS (with children birth through high school)

Leslie Wentzel, room 200

Oak Pointe of Kearney

Satellite Sunday School Class in Oak Pointe of Kearney's Chapel at

200 Meadowbrook Drive

Kearney, MO 64060