Cost: $825 + airfare and travel day food            
          $825 covers lodging, transportation, and food for the week  

Who: We will be serving alongside Alaska Missions  

Where: Nome, Alaska  

What: Join Alaska Missions in our seventeenth year at the Iditarod finish line. Our task is two-fold: reach the local musher sub-culture as well as the local indigenous populations of the Bering Straits Region.  

MUSHING COMMUNITY: Cheer on mushers crossing the finish line, permeate the volunteer force of the Iditarod, and help care for dropped dogs and race finishers. We function as the race's volunteer infrastructure for the Iditarod Trail Committee and enjoy a longstanding relationship of mutual trust and respect with the leadership of the Iditarod. 

LOCAL COMMUNITY OF NOME:   We serve the local indigenous populations on several fronts.  Varying from concessions at a large village basketball tourney, children's home, Women's Shelter, half-way house, and homeless shelter.... We meet needs to break down walls so that we can share Christ.  We hope to be able to bring hope & healing to the broken-hearted and push back the darkness with the LIGHT of the World, JESUS.     

Week One Highlights

  • Set up race area & dog lots, decorate race headquarters
  • Welcome the champion and top finishers of the race
  • Host concessions at the Village Basketball Tourney
  • Host Safety Patrol at night
  • Assist at "Nest" Homeless Shelter
  • Volunteer at other local service organizations  

Deadline to Sign Up: October 31, 2021