We serve locally, state wide, national, and international. below, see the ways that we are currently serving. 

We will be collecting specific items each month for Operation Christmas Child, to view the year long supply list. Click Here. If you have items you would like to donate, please bring them to the church office. Thank you for your support!

  • Church Family, we are sure you've been broken-hearted as you've watched the devastation unfold in Texas as a result of Hurricane Harvey.We know many of you will want to give to help with the relief effort. You can give by clicking the link above. The money given goes to the North American Mission Board (of our Southern Baptist Convention) Disaster Relief group. None of the money given goes for any kind of administrative costs but will be used to directly help victims of this tragedy. We know you will join us in continuing to pray for the people in Texas. 

  • Joyful Giveaway

    Free Event for all communities, stations including:


    -Family Photo



    -Adult Health screenings




  • Local

    We are never at a loss for ways to serve in the Kansas City area. 

    Here are some of the ways we serve:

    -Food Pantry


    -Joyful Giveaway

    -City Union Mission

    -Kansas City Rescue Mission

    -Clay Platte Baptist Association

  • State

    Here are some ways we serve the state through missions:

    -Lydia's Sew-ers

    -Children's Home

    -The Baptist Home

  • National

    Was we serve Nationally are:

    -Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

    -New York - Urban Impact Ministries

    -New Orleans

  • International

    Ways we serve internationally:

    -Lottie Moon

    -Operation Christmas Child