Amos 4:1-13
Part 5 - Like a Roaring Lion

Like a Roaring Lion - Part 5 Amos 4:1-13 (read 4:1-3 here) 1) Personal responsibility matters (4:1-3). o They’re going to be taken away. The ESV says with hooks and fishhooks. Other translations render those implements with a different word. “Taken away” literally means “to lift up,” and if hooks is the right translation, the picture may be of cows beings hoisted on meat hooks. Personal responsibility matters. 2) True worship matters (4:4-5). • Our main concern in worship ought always to be about asking at least two questions: 1. Is my heart in the process of becoming right with God? 2. Is what I believe, and therefore practice, biblically-sound? • Among the most disheartening things for me as a Christian in general and a pastor in particular is how easily some believers are willing to trade the fillet mignon of the Word of God for the deviled ham of the world. Daniel 2:21 says of God, “He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings . . .” Personal responsibility matters. True worship matters. 3) Divine warnings matter (4:6-11). Personal responsibility matters. True worship matters. Divine warnings matter. 4) Obedience to God matters (4:12-13). • Dr. Steve Brown - “If you’ve never stood before God and trembled, you’ve never stood before God. You’ve only stood before an idol you call God.”